Hidden Gems Curacao

  1. The Curacao Ostrich Farm: This unique farm offers visitors the chance to interact with and learn about these fascinating birds and enjoy a traditional ostrich-based meal.
  2. The Curacao Sea Aquarium: This is an excellent destination for animal lovers, where you can see a wide variety of marine life, including sharks, rays, and sea turtles.
  3. The Landhuis Chobolobo: This beautiful plantation house is home to the Blue Curaçao liqueur and offers tours and tastings of the famous drink.
  4. The Hato Caves: These limestone caves are a popular destination for visitors and offer a chance to explore the island’s underground beauty.
  5. The Curacao Museum: This museum offers a fascinating look into the island’s history and culture, including exhibits on the island’s Afro-Caribbean heritage.
  6. The Curacao Aloe Factory: This factory offers tours and demonstrations of the traditional aloe vera processing methods and the opportunity to purchase aloe-based products.
  7. The Kenepa Grandi: This is a small beach known for excellent snorkelling and diving opportunities and the chance to spot sea turtles.
  8. The Curacao Butterfly Farm: This farm is home to various tropical butterfly species and offers visitors the chance to learn about the life cycle of these beautiful insects.
  9. The Curacao Street Art: This is a must-see for street art enthusiasts, where you can find various murals and street art throughout the island.
  10. The Blue Room: a natural swimming hole and snorkelling spot only accessible by boat, offers crystal clear water and incredible visibility.

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