Icarus and Daedalus

He warned his son…

In the mythical realms of ancient Greece, the ingenious inventor Daedalus devised a daring escape plan from Crete with his young son, Icarus. Crafty Daedalus fashioned wings of feathers and wax, granting them the power to soar like eagles. With a playful caution, he warned Icarus, “Avoid the sun’s fiery embrace, for it will melt […]
fire fighters

BEEP BEEP, that’s my pager!

As I dedicatedly worked on the website, my pager abruptly interrupted my focus, signalling an urgent call to action. Swiftly donning my trusty safety shoes, always ready by the front door, I made my way to the waiting car. The fire station summoned me as a dune fire had been reported, and without a second […]
roller coaster Orlando

And suddenly, we were upside down…

And suddenly, we were upside down… The kids were screaming, but I couldn’t tell if it was from fear or sheer exhilaration. As the roller coaster twisted and turned, my stomach embraced its newfound role as a daring aerobatic pilot. It loop-de-looped with such precision and grace that it could have given the Blue Angels […]

Alone. In this dark cell. Now what?

With a resounding slam, the heavy cell door mercilessly closed, jolting me into reality. My heart raced as I found myself locked up in a dimly lit cell within the infamous Alcatraz prison. The chilling ambience, the cold walls, and the echoing silence amplified my sense of isolation. At that moment, an overwhelming feeling of […]
Vasa ship Stockholm

Screaming women. They drowned before their eyes…

  Ice-cold water engulfed the ship, swallowing it whole, as horrified wives and children stood on the quay, their joyful waves transforming into screams of despair. The tragic tale of the Vasa unfolded before their eyes, etching a haunting memory in the depths of their souls. A visit to Stockholm, Sweden, would only be complete […]
deer in Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen

Suddenly, I heard a noise behind the tree…

A sense of curiosity filled the air as I strolled through the serene surroundings of the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen. The rustling of leaves behind a nearby tree caught my attention, igniting my intrigue. I cautiously approached, reaching into my shorts pocket to retrieve my trusty camera. But alas, a loud “Pling!” echoed as a reminder that […]