IYE Youth Exchange Program

Calling all kids who like adventure and travel!
“Best Summer of My Life”

2023 IYE Youth Exchange Program for Airline Families  – Register Today! 

If you have passed on your enthusiasm for travel to your teenager, there is a wonderful program for you and your family.

IYE offers a two-week at each home exchange program for airline families. Using their family flight privileges, teens 14 to 19 are matched with youth in another part of the world and spend two weeks together in one teen’s home and two weeks together in the other teen’s home. It’s the perfect opportunity to experience a different culture, hone foreign language skills and enhance school resumes.

IYE has been creating international exchanges for 27 years, successfully matching more than 6,000 teens around the globe. IYE helps facilitate an appropriate match, which has often resulted in life-long friendships. Teens and their families communicate directly with the matching family and build a relationship prior to the exchange. Program costs include a $325 application fee (fully refundable if an approved match is not located), the teens’ airline passes, and spending money.

Exchanges are available to: Spain, Germany, The USA, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, New Zealand,​ The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, and more.​​Learn more about IYE at: 

www.intlyouth.org or contact Camille Wheeler at [email protected]

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