Alamo car rental. Free fuel?

Alamo has a fuel policy. From 4 days rental or more, free tank of fuel. HOWEVER… ASK at your local rental location if they give you a tank of fuel for free when renting less than 4 days.

ALAMO prices

Hey, I only see prices in EURO’s in the Alamo booking module… Look again and you will see the approx. amount in US$.

Discount codes Alamo

All prices you see for the Alamo bookings are the discounted prices. You do not need to enter a discount code.

I can’t find the Alamo location

In order to find the Alamo rental facility on your airport, please look for the airport name in the drop down menu. I.e.: Houston Intercontinental Airport is to be found under George Bush Intercontinental Airport. Orlando Sanford can be found under Sanford International Airport. Airport names can be looked up using Google Search. For example: […]

I need to contact

Please be advised that our website arranges the discounts and that you actually book with i.e. ALAMO. Any questions you have can be asked directly to them. Please refer to your booking confirmation for contact addresses and phone numbers. Feel free to contact us, via the chat window on the site (you can leave an […]

Who can rent cars with discount via

Airline staff and their families… AOPA members Travel Industry Employees… Retired Airline Staff and Travel Industry Employees Anyone with an airline ID or anyone who can proof they are working in the airline industry. Renting with the ALAMO 38% discount deal? Please check the Terms and Conditions mentioned on their website!