Dear Airline Staff,

This is what you are looking for:

Get £10 (or equivalent) cash reward

Make your first virtual or physical Revolut card payment to receive £10 credited to your Revolut account!


The Global Money App


Let me join Revlout now

Special deal for Airline Staff:

10% Discount on Premium Subscription

  • Free UK current account
  • Free Euro IBAN account
  • Spend in over 150 currencies at the interbank exchange rate
  • Unlimited exchange in 24 fiat currencies – no monthly limit
  • No fee ATM withdrawals up to £400/€400 per month
  • Overseas medical insurance
  • Delayed baggage & delayed flight insurance
  • Global express delivery
  • Priority 24/7 customer support
  • Instant access to 5 cryptocurrencies
  • Premium card with exclusive designs
  • Disposable virtual cards

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